Ease into Midtown

Getting Around is Getting Easier

Ease into Midtown is an effort by The City of Sacramento and Midtown Association to provide Sacramento area residents with the information they need to easily travel to, and around, Midtown.


We’d like to thank the following agencies and community members for partnering with the Midtown Association to create the Ease into Midtown campaign:

Sacramento Regional Transit
City of Sacramento, City Manager's Office
City of Sacramento Parking Services
Allison Yee-Garcia, Republic FC
Patrick Mulvaney, Mulvaney's B&L

Additionally, we’d like to thank the following yoga professionals featured in the campaign:

Romel Antoine, RAW Yoga
Michelle Sweezey, RAW Yoga
Heather Roussos, Yoga Shala
Angie Franklin, Afro Yoga
Anne Marie Kramer, Zuda Yoga
Jessica Napier, Zuda Yoga
Stephanie Birch, Solfire Yoga